Fine Art Printing

In The Copper House, we produce the finest quality Fine Art prints, both Archival Pigment prints and Lambda photographic prints.

We print Archival Pigment prints on an extensive range of papers, including Hahnemuehle and our own Copper House label.

We produce exhibition prints, mounted and framed for individuals, photographers, artists, curators and galleries.

We consult and advise on all aspects of print making, from file preparation, scanning, colour management, to limited editioning, print finishing and exhibition curating.

We scan film on our Hasselblad Flextight X5. We also hire the use of the scanner by the half or full day for those who want to do their own.

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Scanning and Editioning

We work enthusiastically with artists, museums and galleries to produce beautiful editioned prints from their paintings, illustrations, drawings and all types of mixed media.

We have one of the most advanced scanners in the world, a Cruse Scanner which produces images far exceeding the results achieved by photography and conventional flat bed scanners. The digitisation of the original is the first of several steps in the process of archiving and editioning artworks.

We can work with any original, from the most delicate and ethereal of watercolours to the most robust and heavily worked oil colours. We also work with textiles and three dimensional objects. Our Cruse scanner is especially designed to work with fragile and precious artworks and artefacts and can accommodate originals sized up to 6’ x 8’.

We use the latest technology using Epson printers up to 45” wide and the Canon iPF9400 which prints 60” wide, along with the finest papers to achieve stunning quality Archival prints.
Our papers are chosen with care from a range of paper mills including Hahnemuhle.

The Copper House is a member of the
Fine Art Trade Guild
The Copper House is a ‘Certified Studio’ supported by Hahnemuhle”

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