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Museum Acrylic Photographic C-type prints

Museum Acrylic Photographic C-type prints Image

We're getting lots of questions about the new mounting, framing and conservation processes that we've developed recently for our fine art photographs and prints so this is the first of a series of posts and workshops showing some of our new techniques and materials.

We're big fans of Peter Gordon's work and especially like his Burning Man series, one of which we saw at this years RHA show. We're obviously not his only fans as the series deservedly won the "Reportage European Photographer of the Year" award.

He's asked us to make one of our museum acrylic prints of the RHA image so we thought we'd share the process with you. In the photograph, Daniel is preparing the print before we embed it in acrylic using our own proprietary chemistry.

There a video here of the entire process showing us making Abigail O'Briens 'Saltfields'. 

The new acrylic we use is unique, coming straight to our laboratory from the German factory that manufactures it for us. It's very special as it has the highest UV absorption, blocking 99.7% of UV light and has a scratchproof coating making it very tough and able to be cleaned repeatedly. The image is protected from air-borne pollutants and is completely stable and of museum quality.

Please give us a shout if you're thinking of producing new works and would like to chat about new ways of making them...

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On the strange business of Mattering

On the strange business of Mattering Image

One of the guest speakers at our symposium Conversations on Collecting was Francis Hodgson, photography critic with the Financial Times. Francis has a terrific, and different, insight and absolutely blew us all away with his discussion of the importance of 'looking' and 'mattering'. This video gives a brief synopsis of part of his brilliant presentation on Saturday and we can't wait to chat to him again.

We were also delighted to announce Richard Gilligan as the winner of Showcase Select during the symposium and look forward to working with Richard during his residency at The Copper House later this year.

The residency will be part of the preparations for Richard's solo exhibition in The Copper House Gallery next year, his prize for winning Showcase.

We're thrilled with the success of the Showcase initiative, run in partnership with The Gallery of Photography and look forward to launching our Propeller 2013 graduate student award soon.

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PhotoIreland Festival Workshops @ Fire

PhotoIreland Festival Workshops @ Fire Image

PhotoIreland Festival 2012 kicks off this Sunday and here at Fire we're getting straight into the swing of things, hanging the Isabelle Pateer exhibition, Unsettled, today  and launching our workshop series on Monday 9th July. This years workshops are even more fabulous and enticing than last years (though I do say so myself), with topics ranging from advanced fine art printing techniques through to planning and designing the perfect photographic exhibition. You can find details on all workshops here. Places are limited and we've had loads of interest already, so might be a good idea to book early. Just sayin'.

See you all there.

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PhotoIreland Festival 2012 #PIF12

PhotoIreland Festival 2012 #PIF12 Image

It's only a few short weeks until PhotoIreland Festival 2012 opens and we're all getting very excited as the cogs click into place, one by one.

We're happy to be so deeply involved in the preparations this year as it gives us the opportunity to see how incredibly healthy contemporary photography in Ireland is. It's been lovely to meet so many photographers and their work, through the Open Programme workshops that we've run in Fire and through the initial portfolio pre-reviews.

We also can't wait to look through the work of the full shortlist for Portfolio 12. That weekend of the 13th of July is going to be absolutely full on with both the Book & Magazine Fair and with Portfolio 12. We won't talk about having to switch shows on the Friday for the Saturday opening night of Jean's show!

The theme of this year's festival is 'Migrations: Diaspora & Cultural Identity' and we'll be featuring two shows, in The Copper House Gallery, from the main exhibition, On Migration.

The first is Isabel Pateer's Unsettled which opens on the 28th of June and which runs until the 12th of July. The second will be Jean Revillard's Sarah on the Bridge which we're especially looking forward to. Jean's show opens on Saturday 14th of July and we're looking forward to a real multi-venue party across the city that night.

We'll keep tweeting  #PIF 12 and blogging updates over the coming days - just can't wait for show time!

Shortlisted members of Portfolio 2012

Ali Hanoon David Thomas Smith Kurt Tong
Amy Stevens Dionysis Kouris Mayra Martell
Andreas Tschersich Dominic Turner Miriam O’Connor
Asbjoern Jensen Dragana Jurisic Noel Bowler
Attila Floszmann Eric Stephanian Nolwenn Brod
Barbara H Larkin Erik von Frankenberg Pablo Axpe
Ben Krewinkel Ethna O’Regan Roger Frei
Catrine Val Eufalia Almeida Stefania Sapio
Chloe Borkett Fabian Unternaehrer Stephen Crossland
Chloe Devis Gaspar Risko Thais Medina
Chun Soo Kim James Cant Tina Remiz
Cynthia O’Dell Joseph Carr Tony McDonnell
Dara McGrath Juste Balciunaite Wawi Navarroza
Darek Fortas Kasia Klimpel Yaron Lapid
David Galjaard Kate Nolan Zoe O’Reilly

PS - Please let me know if any links are incorrect or out of date, I'll be glad to correct!

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Pho20graphy - a 20 year retrospective

Pho20graphy - a 20 year retrospective Image

We're absolutely tickled pink to be hosting Pho20graphy, a 20 year retrospective of photographer Barry McCall's work in our Copper House Gallery next month, from the 15th of May to the 10th of June.

This exhibition has a special resonance for us as Barry started his brilliant career in our studio and there was a delicious irony in our asking him for 'a job' earlier this year. Thankfully, he gave us the gig and we can't wait to show you a set of fabulous images hanging on our walls soon.

Barry has allowed us to edition many of his works and proceeds from the sale of Barry McCall prints, available from our Gallery, will go to the ISPCC, the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

The good news is that Barry will be hosting two artists evenings, the first of which will be 'Barry McCall on Fashion and Celebrity' on Tuesday May 22nd 6.30 - 8.30pm and all are welcome. Barry will give a guided tour of the exhibition and explain the pleasure (and pain) of his practise.

Barry will also host an evening, Barry McCall on Pho20graphy, for practising photographers on May 29th, 6.30 - 8.30pm, where he'll be delighted to discuss his work and engage in a technical Q&A session with his peers. Please RSVP .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to reserve your place.

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Fierce Critics - Fine Art Print & Exhibition Design

Fierce Critics - Fine Art Print & Exhibition Design Image

We've been busy making hundreds of these little acrylic models and are delighted that they'll be popping up and being used all over Ireland over the coming months. They're 1:10 scale and we'll be using them with photographers, artist and students to help plan and design their exhibitions and graduate shows. (Think PhotoIreland 2012). The little men and women also star in our exhibition design masterclasses and facilitate perfect visualisation of how your work will look on the wall. Every college student coming into us for their photographic and fine art prints gets a set together with a maquette of their exhibition space. You're more than welcome to a set too whether you're planning a show, making prints or just plain curious. Just call down to us in The Copper House and say hi - the only snag is, we promise to tell you about all we're up to so be warned!

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Adrienne Geoghegan Art Boot Camps!

Adrienne Geoghegan Art Boot Camps! Image

We're dangerously close to the beginning of February and unfortunately those new years resolutions of evening exercise plans are well gone. Fear not, we have great news for creative minds itching to be challenged and developed.

Adrienne Geoghegan, of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland, is running a series of boot camps for all visual artists, aspiring illustrators and visual art practitioners who wish to build their portfolio and try out different art forms. From 'Art Tasting' to Picture-Book courses, Adrienne's boot camps are of a unique and colorful nature.

Adrienne has written and illustrated picture books for children, editorial illustration and advertising over the past 17 years. She has also worked for the likes of Ladybird and Macmillan's Children's Book's amongst others. Her success as an illustrator, artist and teacher is one of the many reasons to check out these courses running for yourself.

For more information visit Adrienne's website or find her on facebook and twitter.

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Student master classes on exhibition design, planning, printing & mounting

Student master classes on exhibition design, planning, printing & mounting Image

Graduate & end of year shows can be mega stressful at the best of times, especially when the practicalities in producing your exhibition begin to be considered and you don't even know how big your space will be!

We're continuing our student help initiative with a series of master classes on designing, planning, printing and mounting a graduate or end of year show. Step by step, we will cover how to approach and complete your exhibition to do full justice to your work and how to future proof the design against size changes and other last minute calamities. We'll also give practical advice on trying to get best value from your prints in tems of future exhibitions and sales.

The topics we will cover are...
 i)    Design and planning the show using Adobe Illustrator, to provide        scaled schematics for both visualisation and installation.
ii)    Re-sizing and scaling of images for use in schematics
iii)   Use of schematics as templates for titling, text and other                  elements
iv)   Printing and mounting techniques
v)    Lightboxes and illuminated alternatives, customised and home            built alternatives
vi)   Alternative mounting, framing and display techniques
vii)  Framing and IKEA as a valid alternative
viii) Lighting, colour temperature and why it matters
ix)   After your show, wrapping, storage, other exhibitions & sales

If you have any suggestions or enquiries please let us know through .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). In the meantime keep an eye out for dates and more details of these Masterclasses by following us on twitter and facebook. 

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