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OFFSET 2013 Image

OFFSET, the brilliant 3 day creative conference will take place in Dublin from Friday 5th- Sunday 7th April 2013 at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre

This happening happening celebrates creativity by bringing together the best in International and Irish creative talent in graphic design, illustration, street and fine art, film, photography and moving image.

Featuring a veritable smorgasbord of creative legends such as Bob Gill, Oliviero Toscani and the fabulous Niamh Sharkey, OFFSET 2013 will be the place to be.

And that's the truth, Ruth.

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Friday, 9th September, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona

Have an ‘Inkling’

Have an ‘Inkling’ Image

Tis witchery I tell thee, behold the new Wacom Inkling. Illustrators prepare to salivate, get thee a kitchen towel because with this new digital sketch pen with ballpoint tip you can sketch while the device captures a digital likeness of your illustration (faint). Hours spent scanning in a darkened room listening to the dull hum of your flatbed scanner can be reclaimed! You can even open the scan in photoshop and illustrator, plus it creates vector paths for you to work from. This is definitely number one on my want list!

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Thursday, 3rd March, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona

Light Painting Wifi

Light Painting Wifi Image Light painting wifi captured using long exposure photography, tracing invisible landscape networks in cities. I know, what the hell does that mean? Watch the video and check out the site it's all explained. It's very clever, very, very clever.

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Thursday, 3rd March, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona

New iPad 2

New iPad 2 Image

The iPad 2 was unveiled yesterday, it's thinner, faster and lighter. What really impressed me however was the new cover design. It's attaches magnetically to the iPad, when opened the iPad wakes up and when closed the the iPad goes back into sleep mode. You can fold the cover to make a stand for typing or watching video and the micro fibre internal lining is design to keep the screen clean! Just genius, now could someone buy me an iPad 2!

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Wednesday, 16th February, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona


Splitterbot Image

This is the cutest headphone splitter I have ever seen and it's a tiny robot. This ticks all the must buy boxes in my brain. To use the splitterbot all you need to do is pop off it's head and stick your headphones into it's eye socks. It all gets a bit American psycho but lets try not to think about it shall we.

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Tuesday, 7th December, 2010 / Posted by: Maureen

Stocking Filler

Stocking Filler Image

Here is a really great stocking filler, especially for the gadget enthusiast of the family. Fivepoint gloves let you use you iPhone, iPod, iPad or any touchscreen device without having to take off your gloves. So you keep your hands lovely and warm, with the weather we have been experiencing lately that can only be a bonus!

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Tuesday, 16th November, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona


Sugru Image

I heard about this product from some friends of mine while I was on holidays. So I checked out the Sugru site  when I got home and it's really amazing stuff. Sugru is a silicon based material which looks like play doh is moldable by hand, heat proof, waterproof and sticks like super glue. Essentially what it does is allow you to fix and customise your stuff. Sugru is the brainchild of product designer Jane Ní Dholchaointigh. Ní Dholchaointigh worked with scientist for 6 years to develop the product and it recently made Time Magazines: 'The 50 Best Inventions of 2010'. If you go to the Sugru site you will see some the creative uses Sugru customers have found for this product. You can read more about the inventor and the product in this article from the Tribune and you can buy it from the Sugru site, just ordered some myself!

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Thursday, 29th July, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona

iPad Envy

iPad Envy Image

On my journey back from the West on Sunday I sat beside a man who was gently cradling a new Apple iPad. He gazing at the screen, transfixed by high resolution 9.7inch LED-backlit IPS display completely in love. I pretending to read my book(how retro), all of the time stealing glances at the 1024-by-768 resolution glossy screen thinking, 'it will be mine.' Yes apple marketing all of your emails and block advertising on TV3 had worked...Then he touched the screen...a mark, a greasy mark then another and another, when will this carnage end I thought. Defaced he place the device on the table in front of him...I'm sorry iPad the affair is over between us, but it was sweet while it lasted.

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