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Street Art for Strumpet City

Street Art for Strumpet City Image

We will always have a place in our hearts for Rashers Tierney, portrayed with great poignancy and grace by the late David Kelly in the 1980 RTÉ mini-series Strumpet City.  James Plunkett’s powerful novel depicts a pivotal era in Irish social history - the mass lockout of trade unionists by employers in 1913.

Strumpet City has been honoured by Dublin City Public Libraries and Dublin UNESCO City of Literature as the book for 2013, as part of the excellent One City One Book initiative. 

Dublin City Council commissioned the brilliant street artist ADW to paint a series of Traffic Light Boxes around Dublin to celebrate Strumpet City as book of the year. Stroll around this fair city of ours and you will chance upon a stenciled homage to the world of the Bradshaws, of Fitz and Mary and Father O'Connor. 

Rashers and his trusted scruffy dog, ambling along Georges Street, would have certainly enjoyed this glimpse of street art beauty in a broken place. 

Image and inspiration courtesy of the super fly artist ADW

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Monday, 18th October, 2010 / Posted by: Leszek

A Lovely Day for a Swim

A Lovely Day for a Swim Image

'I was on my way home when I was delighted to see that at least one independent minded citizen was choosing to ignore the health warning against swimming in the canal.

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Wednesday, 6th October, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona

Offset 2010

Offset 2010 Image

Offset 2010 was an absolutely amazing event and has really recharged all the creative batteries here in Fire. Well done to Richard, Bren and Peter and thank you for all of your hard work. If you didn't get to go to offset this year you missed a great one. Some of the speakers that we really enjoyed were: Unit Editions, Mark Farrow, Martin Haake, Lance Wyman, Poke London, Daniel Eatock, Emily Forgot, Steven Heller, Zach Gold and of course David O'Reilly (Yay for Octocat's Adventures). Unfortunately we missed George Lois, still smarting over that. The extended David Carson boobs and oh look at my rad surf injury talk was just exhausting. We struggled on for the excellent Adrian Shaughnessy interview with Mark Farrow so glad we did, but we had hit the wall by the the end and just couldn't hang on for George Lois. I for one can't wait for Offset 2011 creative marathon, already I am in training!

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Friday, 17th September, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona

Has Anyone Seen the Tape? Hmm, No?

Has Anyone Seen the Tape? Hmm, No? Image

Give a bunch of Solvenian hipsters artists a box of tape and this is what they get up to.

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