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21st-century technology

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We were delighted to see a lovely article 'Images that see further' by Ros Drinkwater in this Sunday's Business Post. 
Ros's article references our current exhibition, Sean Hillen's 'ReViewed' in our Copper House Gallery, following a discussion  of an exhibition currently showing in Washington DC, 'Snapshot: Painters and Photographery, Bonnard to Vuillard'. She mentions our '21st-century technology' which we've coupled with our decades of fine art printing skills for Sean's show.
Quoting Ros directly she says 'To see how 21st-century technology has energised a modern master, I'd recommend a visit to the Copper House Gallery, which is currently showing ReViewed, an exhibition by Sean Hillen. Radical new scanning technology and skills deployed at the Copper House magnify each surreal detail of Hillen's collages, giving the viewer an insight to his finely crafted microscopic world.
As a ten year-old growing up in Newry, Hillen recalls "trying to imagine living somewhere where there wasn't a constant war, and finding it unimaginable, but knowing that it must exist". Having studied at Belfast College of Art and the Slade in London, he put his experiences to good use with a series of critically acclaimed photomontages based on his own documentary photographs of the Troubles.
His take on the Celtic Tiger, a series entitled Irelantis, was described by Guardian critic Mic Moroney as "hilarious and destabilising . . . souped-up Catholic kitsch colliding with a vivid, comic-book aesthetic".
The exhibition comprises works from his four series: The Troubles, Irelantis, What's Wrong? (collages which combine the 9/11 atrocities, major Irish literary figures and scantily-clad beauties to add up to a devastating indictment of our times) and Searching for Evidence, which includes the prescient 2007 collage No Evidence Of A 757 Near The Ha'Penny Bridge, Dublin?'
A big 'thank you' to Ros for this interesting article and for including Sean and ourselves in it.
'ReViewed runs until March 2nd and we'd love you to call and see the gorgeous photographs, we'll show off the scanner too if you'd like to see it!
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‘ReViewed’ by Seán Hillen

‘ReViewed’ by Seán Hillen Image

We've always been ardent admirers of Seán Hillen’s distinctive collage artworks so were delighted when he accepted our offer of a show at The Copper House Gallery.

We revisited his originals, scanning and digitally remastering them using our Cruse Scanner, before producing new art works as liquid acrylic Lambdachromes.

The excitement when we saw the outcome was unreal so we wanted to share a sneak peak of one of the test prints with you. You'll be able to see this re-imagining of Seán's gorgeous work when the show opens on the 8th of February and hope to see you there!

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Student Scanning Offer: Part 1

Student Scanning Offer: Part 1 Image

January is a month known for being extra tight on the purse strings; being especially stressful for all you students out there. Here at Fire, we're determined to look after our students, and so have a fantastic opportunity for 10 of you to receive a free 150mb scan on our cool new Hasselblad X5 scanner.

The first 10 students through Fire's door will receive a free 150mb scan. It's as simple as that. No strings. No small print. No cost. Just a gorgeous razor sharp scan to get you pumped up.

All you have to do is bring yourself and your negative or transparency film in through the door and let us take care of the rest!

For further enquiries do not hesitate to contact us through .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or drop into us any time, we're just off Camden St. Follow us on facebook and twitter to keep an eye out for our further offers to come!

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Our new Hasselblad X5 Flextight film scanner

Our new Hasselblad X5 Flextight film scanner Image


We're really excited as our newly installed Hasselblad X5 film scanner has hit the ground running and is producing the most gorgeous razor sharp scans with beautiful tonal ranges.

We've invested in a huge range of film holders so can handle all film formats and sizes from 35mm to 5" x 4" as well as the all the esoteric panoramic sized transparencies and negatives. There are 6 different sized holders for 120 film alone!

There's even a film holder that takes a 35mm film transparency that's 226mm long which allows us to produce a panoramic print 4' high by 37' long in one piece - cool or what?

You can tell we're enthused, especially as we've always used the highest end ICG drum scanners before deciding on the X5 as our latest. Please don't feel shy, come in and we'll show you why this piece of equipment helps us produce just the best quality fine art and photographic prints possible.

For the techniks, it scans at 8000dpi in 16 bit and has a stunning Dmax of 4.9. Scan time for a 5" x 4" transparency is less than 90 seconds...

There's a cool brochure featuring Copenhagen photographer Jorgen Angel's work scanned on the X5 here - enjoy!

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