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Major New Exhibition Of Irish Children’s Book Illustration To Tour Europe And Ireland

Major New Exhibition Of Irish Children’s Book Illustration To Tour Europe And Ireland Image

A hive of industry we have been here at Fire, framing and printing for the most amazing project Pictiúr led by the Laureate na nÓg project.  Pictiúr, an exciting new exhibition of the work of Ireland’s leading children’s book illustrators, is curated by the fabulous Laureate na nÓg, Niamh Sharkey and will visit four venues in Europe during Ireland’s Presidency of the EU, before returning to Ireland to tour. 

Pictiúr features the work of 21 children’s book illustrators. Illustrators include Niamh Sharkey, Chris Judge, Olivia Golden, Adrienne Geoghegan, Steven Simpson and Andrew Whitson.

Featured image above, the distinctive vintage signature of the very talented Mr. Steven Simpson. The exhibition will comprise 42 art pieces and will include illustrations from books written in English and Irish. 

For more information, do visit

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Engaging Environments

Engaging Environments Image

What an amazing teaching and learning environment the staff and students of St. Mary's Primary School in Greensborough, Victoria Australia have. Designed by the Australian Architects smith+tracey in 2010 it's colourful, playful and adventurous design definitely beats the beige interiors of my old primary school.

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Pooki Man! No Pooki Dolls

Pooki Man! No Pooki Dolls Image

It's ok there is nothing to be frightened of... there is no such thing as the Pooki Man. Pooki Dolls however are very real and not at all scary, they are happy, colourful and fun. In Pookiland there are lots of happy little characters and they all come with a story attached to them. Designed by french designer and illustrator Marie Joxe Colllins, her inspiration came for the characters after the birth of her first soon Mateo. Over time more characters were added and pookiland was born. I say yay for Pookiland.

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A Bit Lost

A Bit Lost Image

Coming to a book store or Amazon near you: 'Little Owl Lost'. A book written and illustrated by Chris Haughton. Beautifully illustrated and a gripping read;). You can follow Chris and his travels on his very own blog or check out his work on Vegetable Fried Rice.

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