Thursday, 21st October, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona

Chocolate & Beards

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The Mast Brothers are chocolate makers based in Brooklyn New York. As they say themselves they are craftsmen having a love affair with craft and the spirit of craft. This passion is reflected in their sumptuously designed wrapping papers. Inspiration for these papers comes from old books, wooden sail boats and old building blue prints. Everything has been considered include the feel and weight of the paper which has the thickness and feel of butchers paper. They are even restoring an old printing press to do their own in-house printing so that their community can get involved and 'craft' new designs for them!

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Tuesday, 28th September, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona

This Holiday will be Pantone 485

This Holiday will be Pantone 485 Image

Have you seen, I mean did you know about the Pantone Hotel in Brussels? Granted Brussels is not the most exciting of cities, once you've seen the, 'Manneken Pis'( Little man Urinating) and hopped on the train out to the Tintin Museum it's time to go really. But now Brussels has a Pantone hotel! It looks amazing thanks for sharing Prina!

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Monday, 9th August, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona

Expatcenter Identity Amsterdam

Expatcenter Identity Amsterdam Image

I'm off to Amsterdam at the end of the week and look what I found on Behance by Silo design and Fabrique. It's a really cool identity for the Expat center. The use of vibrant colours and patterns which were sourced form all over the world combine to give a very strong and bold identity. Their offices aren't to shabby either.

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