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The Legendary Jimmy Murakami

The Legendary Jimmy Murakami Image

Our featured Copper House Gallery artist is the exceptionally talented Jimmy Murakami, a Japanese American animator and director with a long career working in numerous countries. Among his best-known works are the animated adaptations of the Raymond Briggs books When the Wind Blows and The Snowman

Murakami was nominated for an Academy Award for Animated Short Film for The Magic Pear Tree (1968). He also directed the music video for King of the Mountain, the single from Kate Bush's album Aerial. Jimmy Murakami was the subject of a 2010 feature documentary film made by Irish director Sé Merry Doyle and produced by Martina Durac and Vanessa Gildea of Loopline Films . Jimmy Murakami - Non Alien was premiered in Dublin at the 2010 IFI Stranger than Fiction Film Festival.

Primarily renowned as an award winning film director, Jimmy Murakami is also an exceptional painter and we are delighted to have some of his exquisite, early Japanese watercolours as editions at The Copper House Gallery.  

Pictured above is the wonderful Jimmy Murakami at our Christmas Print Exhibition on the evening of 29th November 2012 at The Copper House Gallery with featured image Fishing Village, Sado Island (1958).

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A fine design by Ultan Courtney - printed by Fire!

A fine design by Ultan Courtney - printed by Fire! Image

We were delira to see Ultan Courtney's beautiful poster art work featured at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, Cloud Atlas Premiere held at the Savoy on Saturday 16th February 2013.

Pictured above is actor James D'Arcy near eclipsed by a stunning limited edition fine art poster by Ultan Courtney, printed at Fire.

Oh, for you nice film buffs out there, Cloud Atlas is a 2012 drama and science fiction film written, produced and directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski and Tom Tykwer. Adapted from the 2004 novel by David Mitchell, the film features multiple plotlines set across six different eras. 

Take a bow! 

Photograph Courtesy of Pat Redmond.

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Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this!

Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this! Image

Oh we do love MasterChef and although John will always have a place in our hearts for the mains, Gregg has that je ne sais quoi -  sweet as chocolate fondant he does be!

Just for you good folk out there, a short hommage to our five star MasterChef judges. This delectable video by super-fly artist Swede Mason is entitled Masterchef Synesthesia.

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Tuesday, 16th August, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona


Scintillation Image

This is an amazingly beautiful stop motion short by Xavier Chassaing. He used 35,000 photographs to create the stop motion sections mixing this with live projection mapping (projection mapping is so in right now;). It gets big thumbs up from me.

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Tuesday, 28th June, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona

Splitscreen: A Love Story

Splitscreen: A Love Story Image

Splitscreen: A Love Story from JW Griffiths on Vimeo.

This short  was filmed entirely using a Nokia N8 mobile. It's amazing! Unsurpisingly it won the 2011 Nokia Shorts competition. James Griffiths is the director, editor and short film maker behind the film, you can see more of his great work on his website.

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Tuesday, 10th May, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona


Collision Image

I saw this over on vimeo today and thought I'd share it. Collision is a short abstract film by artist Max Hattler.  It's a kaleidoscope of American quilting and Islamic abstract patterns.

Via: Vimeo

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Tuesday, 22nd March, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona

Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard

Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard Image

You have all probably heard about the New Yorker, Todd Bieber who found a film canister while cross country skying in Prospect Park, New York  after the Christmas blizzards. You know he's the guy who made the viral you tube video about his quest to find the owners. Well he found them, in Paris and of course he made a very touching film about going to meet them in person.

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Wednesday, 23rd February, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona


Urbanized Image

The independent filmmaker Gary Hustwit of Helvetica and Objectified fame has a new documentary in the works called Urbanized. I can't wait to see it. Make a pledge and support the project, depending on how much you pledge you could get these limited edition silkscreen printed posters above, designed by Build!

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