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Major New Exhibition Of Irish Children’s Book Illustration To Tour Europe And Ireland

Major New Exhibition Of Irish Children’s Book Illustration To Tour Europe And Ireland Image

A hive of industry we have been here at Fire, framing and printing for the most amazing project Pictiúr led by the Laureate na nÓg project.  Pictiúr, an exciting new exhibition of the work of Ireland’s leading children’s book illustrators, is curated by the fabulous Laureate na nÓg, Niamh Sharkey and will visit four venues in Europe during Ireland’s Presidency of the EU, before returning to Ireland to tour. 

Pictiúr features the work of 21 children’s book illustrators. Illustrators include Niamh Sharkey, Chris Judge, Olivia Golden, Adrienne Geoghegan, Steven Simpson and Andrew Whitson.

Featured image above, the distinctive vintage signature of the very talented Mr. Steven Simpson. The exhibition will comprise 42 art pieces and will include illustrations from books written in English and Irish. 

For more information, do visit

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New York City, a photobook by Conor Horgan

New York City, a photobook by Conor Horgan Image


There have been delicious hints from Conor Horgan recently that he might have something special to show from his time in New York and here it is!  He's just this minute published a book called, as you might, 'New York City' and it's only gorgeous. It's available online on Blurb right now and we strongly recommend you check it out.
We're also thrilled that he's given us the images from the book to make as fine art editioned prints, all of which are available now and two of which will be hanging in our Christmas Print Exhibition, opening tomorrow at 6pm. 
Yet another brilliant reason to start your night out tomorrow with us...
We're also plotting a show of the work together when Conor will host an artist talk and discussion about the making of the New York City book with special consideration of the process of editing. Watch this space!
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Albert, Ernest & The Titanic, a book by Jamie Murphy

Albert, Ernest & The Titanic, a book by Jamie Murphy Image


Sometimes, it's very hard to describe something and especially so when that something evokes a whole slew of feelings and emotions.

Jamie Murphy's handmade book 'Albert, Ernest & The Titanic' is just such a thing and all I'll say is that this is a work that has to be seen, and felt, stroked and cherished and then breathed in.

Personally, I love this work as it bridges the several centuries that link us and the time when printed books were first made. We're very proud to have a copy of this limited edition artist's book in our Copper House Gallery archive and are delighted to be hosting an exhibition of the plates from the book.

As part of our initiative to promote the making of handmade artist and photography books Jamie will be hosting an artist's talk on the making of  'Albert, Ernest & The Titanic' and all are welcome.

We're passionate about facilitating the making of innovative, handmade, artists books and would welcome proposals from artists or photographers interested in collaborating in trying new techniques and methods to make some prototypes and dummies.

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Rich Gilligan - ‘DIY’ Dublin Book Launch

Rich Gilligan - ‘DIY’ Dublin Book Launch Image

Rich Gilligan is just flying with the launch of his new skateboarding book 'DIY' last night, at the prestigious Le Bal Gallery bookstore in Paris.

We weren't there (obviously!) but we hear the crowd and feedback were amazing. Right now, we're working with Rich to host an exhibition and artist's talk on the making of the book and are thrilled that the Dublin launch of 'DIY' will be in our new upstairs gallery space 'Archive at The Copper House'.

The launch is on the 11th of October and we have an exciting artist's talk and panel discussion the following night, 12th of October where Rich will talk about the making of his book and guide us through his four year journey. 

Tanya Kiang, director of The Gallery of Photography and Scott Burnett, creative director of Aad (Art & Design) will be joining Rich on the panel for a detailed discussion of the process of shooting and making a Photobook. Unfortunately Magnum Photographer Donovan Wylie will be unable to attend due to unforseen circumstances.

We're running a series of exhibitions and talks on making and publishing photographers and artists books so keep in touch for our next event, Albert, Ernest & the Titanic, in November.

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When is a gallery not a Gallery and no help with the stool…

When is a gallery not a Gallery and no help with the stool… Image

Hi - the mixed upper and lower case letters heading gallery and Gallery in our title are deliberate.

We were just blown away on Friday night when we saw what Stag and Deer had achieved in hanging their show 'Home' in the distressed house at 13 North Georges Street.

It raised an immediate question as to the difference between a 'gallery' and a 'Gallery' and we had a lot of fun trying to work out the answers.

The images looked just fantastic, seeming to form part of the house structure and much drama was added by the light streaming through windows and doors, adding additional serendipitous compositional elements to the photographs.

The show hanging was a very bold and ambitious move and Padraig and Pam pulled it off with scarily assured aplomb.

Go and see it while it's so hot it hurts and, again, we're delighted to have sponsored and produced it.

As an additional inducement, we're offering a free A4 print to anyone that emails us with where the tiny stag and deer figurines are standing!

Please give a shout if you've any ideas about the stool lurking in the drained swimming pool - no upper arm strength is the most credible reason so far...

In case you're wondering who the non sparkly glitterati in the photograph inset are, standing left to right, Ruth from Fire, Angel, festival director, and me, Leszek from Fire.

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Supergraphics Image

Just got an email from Unit Editions to say my copy of Supergraphics would be in my grubby little hands within weeks! I can hardly contain my excitement. If you would like your own copy(because you won't be getting the lend of mine) you can order it from the Unit Editions website.

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myFry Image

Penguin have designed an iPhone app to accompany Stephen Fry's autobiography; 'The Fry Chronicles,' called 'myFry'. The app works as a visual index of key themes in the book and you navigate your way around using a wheel style menu. It's all very clever and I could go on but I think Mr Fry explains it better himself.

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The New Food Order

The New Food Order Image

Ikea have just launched their new cookbook called "Hembakat ar Bast" (Homemade is Best). The design and photography are so utterly beautiful that on seeing it I wept vanilla essence tears on to my Punsch-roll. The book contains 30 recipes with photography by Carl Kleiner my new favourite photographer.
via: notcot

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