Friday, 27th May, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona

Friday Fun

Friday Fun Image

I agree whole heartedly with this woman.
Via: Helen

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Friday, 4th March, 2011 / Posted by: Catriona

Live the Language

Live the Language Image

This is one of a series of clever and beautifully designed advertisement for EF International Language Centers. The use of different typographic styles is very considered and distinct to each country they have their language centers. Check out the Barcelona and Paris versions I think they are stunning myself. Of course they are full of the beautiful people....I have no problem with that;).

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Tuesday, 12th October, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona

Carl Kleiner

Carl Kleiner Image

While I'm on my Carl Kleiner buzz, here is a short film he did that I really like for Tiger Jeans. For some reason I keep expecting Bjork to pop her head out and lash into Human Behaviour.

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Wednesday, 22nd September, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona

Panda Cheese

Panda Cheese Image

This is possibly the strangest advert for cheese I have ever seen...
I love it!
via Pantibar

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Thursday, 12th August, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona

How many Hipsters can you fit in a Jazz

How many Hipsters can you fit in a Jazz Image

Dublin is dripping with hipsters, sometimes I would like to fill a car full of Hipsters and then drive said car off a cliff. So how many hipster can you pack in a Jazz? Lets find out shall we with this very funny advert for the new Honda Jazz,(no hipsters were harmed in the making of this commerical). I found this gem over on Swiss Miss where I go for my daily creative fix and she has introduced me to another great blog by Sub Studio. Will I ever get any work done again;).

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Monday, 28th June, 2010 / Posted by: Catriona

Dutch World Cup T-Shirts

Dutch World Cup T-Shirts Image

Such a clever idea by Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam who are studying advertising at  Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam. Holland meet Brazil in their next game, hup, hup Holland!  

via: The Cool Hunter

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