Thursday, 17th May, 2012 / Posted by Leszek

‘LeCool’ makes us feel toasty!

‘LeCool’ makes us feel toasty! Image

We hold LeCool in such regard that it makes our toes curl with delight when they give us a good review and this one made us feel especially toasty. We're deadly chuffed with this exhibition as it completes a lovely circle for Barry and ourselves and just looks beautiful.

The new space we've opened, specially built and finished in time for the show to hold the volume of Barry's work, has given us an opportunity to try some bolder moves and we hope to be announcing a very exciting addition to Barry McCall's show in the next couple of days.

Barry is hosting two artists talks over the next two Tuesday nights, an evening on 'Fashion and Celebrity' with all invited and the second night, for practising photographers, 'An Evening with Barry McCall'.

In the meantime, here's a few images of the most magic night for us...


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